imageTechnology Consulting

Bringing in external consultants like GenieSolutions to assist with your technology needs can act like a shot of adrenaline to your business. In addition to knowledge and experience, what you gain is high-motivation, flexibility, objectivity and cost-effectiveness.

Tap into a Flexible, Responsive Resource When You Need It

During periods of rapid expansion when your organization is looking to staff up quickly or during staff leave, or when key members of your team are absent, we can step in to fill the gap.

We master the brief with minimum delay and use our specialist expertise and initiative to get the job done.

Specialists in Financial Services and Web-Based Applications

We bring you over 20 years of combined experience in the delivery of software systems, with specialization in financial services applications, web-based systems and systems employing Microsoft tools. We can add value to all stages of your business and software requirements, including:

  • Product design and product management
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • System architecture
  • Database design
  • .NET development

No to the "Yes Man" Mentality

With GenieSolutions you'll get fresh and objective thinking. As an objective third party, we are able to ask the awkward questions that demand smarter answers. We push for the breakthrough to help you develop and grow your business. Add to this an innovative, mentally agile, problem-solving capability that comes from professionals, who week in, week out, are exposed to different types of business challenges - and you're going to enjoy a rich range of perspectives.

Purely Results Driven

As external consultants we're only as good as our last assignment. Yes, this raises our blood pressure at times, but it means we are highly ‘results driven’. You can say we're focused squarely on achieving your goals rather than winning promotions or status among peers.

Cost-effectiveness vs Payroll Staff

Last but not least, using an external consultant has a number of financial benefits. For one, when there is no work to do, you don’t have to pay us. And because there is a clear relationship between the deliverables you receive and the time you are paying for, you can match your human resource to your requirements and budget with greater precision. And, of course, there's no need to factor in holiday pay, sick pay, employment benefits, employers tax and NICs.