imageProject Delivery

We're dedicated to offering our clients an exemplary level of service and professionalism in managing their projects – avoiding the many pitfalls common to software and technology creation.

A single point of contact to guide you smoothly through the project from start to finish

Technology projects often get into trouble due to miscommunication between designers and software developers, resulting in great ideas that cannot be easily implemented. With GenieSolutions, you benefit from a dedicated project manager who will guide you through each stage of the process – from initial brief, through to project specification and implementation. Your project manager will ensure every member of the team is aligned in delivering your goals.


A multi-disciplinary team to suit your specific business and technology requirements

GenieSolutions' talented and experienced team consists of designers, software programmers, user interface specialists and marketing consultants – who combine to deliver successful end-to-end solutions. Once we understand your brief, we'll build the team best suited to achieve your specific project requirements.


Accountable project management that delivers the results you need on time and to budget

Every custom-built software project contains its fair share of challenges, which is why we put a lot of importance on open and accountable project management. This translates into:

  • Flagging issues as soon as they arise, so they can be dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Avoiding solutions that deviate from your strategic goals, which also take you beyond budget without providing return on investment.
  • Offering solutions that are as "lean" as they can be, but also flexible enough to grow with your business, avoiding unnecessary costly structure changes downstream.